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Featured Speakers

Scott Carbonara

Scott Carbonara is a keynote speaker, trainer, author, consultant, and coach who “brings authentic leadership to life from the boardroom to the family room.” Scott is known as “The Leadership Therapist” for his diverse professional portfolio–ranging from serving as an award-winning family crisis intervention counselor–to executive director of communications and change management and eventually chief-of-staff of the nation’s largest non-investor-owned health insurance company. While there, he addressed a skyrocketing 38% attrition rate and, through digging beyond the surface and implementing creative employee engagement initiatives and branding of a positive corporate culture, led the team that reduced it to an unprecedented 6.5%. Scott’s dual background in both counseling and executive leadership makes him a highly-skilled, passionate communicator and problem solver who provides direction to diverse teams ranging in size from 1 to 13,000. Scott has spoken at international conferences and for such esteemed groups as AT&T Global, SAS, Chicago Booth School of Business, and is the author of several leadership and HR books including A Manager’s Guide to Employee Engagement (McGraw Hill, 2012). Through his humorous and practical keynotes, executive coaching, personalized consulting, and story-driven books, he breathes life into leadership topics including employee engagement, change management, communication, positive culture, and esteem. Like a houseplant which grows towards the light, Scott aims to inspire people everywhere to lead by living positively, and paying it forward. Visit his website at www.LeadershipTherapist.com.

Tim Ryan

A tireless advocate for long-term recovery, Tim Ryan is no stranger to addiction – including heroin, cocaine, and alcohol. Despite a successful business career, Tim found himself in the grips of heroin and, ultimately, was sentenced to seven years in prison for a number of drug-related convictions. Tim got clean and sober behind bars and was released in just 14 months.

Six months after his release, tragedy struck. His 20-year-old son, Nick – for whom Tim had paved the way to use deadly drugs – died tragically from an overdose. Attempting to get beyond the devastation and heartbreak, Tim used Nick’s death as the inspiration to spread a message of hope and recovery to others, believing that if even one addict or one family could be spared the horrors of the disease of addiction, he would be making a difference.

As a result, he founded A Man in Recovery Foundation, a phenomenally successful 501c3 nonprofit that’s sole purpose is to facilitate free or reduced-cost recovery services to addicts and their families.

Today, in addition to running addiction recovery groups for addicts and families, Tim Ryan is the subject of the new A&E documentary, Dope Man, reaching millions. He has been a featured thought leader in numerous national media, including USA Today, Newsweek, Chicago Tribune, and “The Steve Harvey Show with Dr. Drew,” and dozens of nationally syndicated radio shows. He was an invited guest by the U.S. President to the 2016 State of the Union Address. He is the author of the bestselling book, From Dope to Hope. He is the National Outreach Director for Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center. Tim frequently speaks to schools, healthcare providers, municipalities, community groups, corporations, and others who care to hear his message.

Tim Ryan’s message is inspiring because he has walked the journey of addiction and recovery. He spreads hope and tools to those who need them most. He believes he is blessed with the gift of continued sobriety, and his personal mission is to promote awareness of the life-threatening effects of opiate addiction, most especially heroin. He has committed himself to educating all who will listen about the hard truths of addiction and the potential for a full and happy life in recovery. Learn more by visiting Tim’s speaking site here.

Marlene Chism

MarleneChismIn today’s business world, when competition is fierce and economic challenges are intense, cutting drama in the workplace has never been more essential. Marlene Chism, author of Stop Workplace Drama offers a new language, practical application and fascinating imagery to illustrate the intimate connection between personal drama and workplace drama. Marlene reveals the three common components present in every type of drama and the three specific questions a leader can use to get to the core of any type of drama.Marlene says, “A big mistake is to try to nip drama in the bud, because the bloom will return in the right season.”  Marlene offers cutting edge content with practical methods to pull drama from the roots, as she illustrates using stories and antidotes.  Marlene is philosopher and a dynamic story-teller with the ability to take complex subjects and universal principles and make them immediately applicable to her audience. She is known for her thought-provoking yet down to earth practicality, her sharp wit and fun-loving humor. Because of her own unique journey of re-invention Marlene speaks three languages: The language of the employee, the language of the manager and the language of the owner. Marlene has a degree in Communications from Drury University and a Master’s degree from Webster University in Human Resources Development, and she is the author of Stop Workplace Drama: Train Your Team to Have No Complaints, No Excuses, and No Regrets.


David Rendall

Dave RendallDavid Rendall is a speaker, leadership professor, stand-up comedian and endurance athlete. During the last fifteen years he has spoken to audiences throughout the United States, South America, Africa and Australia. His clients include Ralph Lauren, AT&T, GlaxoSmithKline, Tyco International, the Australian Government, Potash Corp, Entrepreneurs Organization and Duke University. Prior to becoming a professor and speaker, he managed nonprofit enterprises that provided employment for people with disabilities. He has more than twenty years of experience leading people and organizations. David has a doctor of management degree in organizational leadership, as well as a graduate degree in psychology. He is the author of The Four Factors of Effective LeadershipThe Freak Factor: Discovering Uniqueness by Flaunting Weakness and The Freak Factor for Kids.