Marketing is not rocket science, but it does have many moving parts. At its core, however, we believe that all marketing depends upon authentic communication and relationship building.

One of our biggest strengths is in the connections we help you make, which are integral in all of our services below:


If you aren’t sure what you stand for, let us guide you through branding exercises to determine your core message or product. We will then assist you with creating a plan to bring this brand consistently through your business and outreach–so that the story you are telling is intentional, and inspires the actions that you desire.

Press Kit Development:

We can develop the sales pieces you need to promote your service or product.

Speech Writing:

We work with award-winning speech writers who can take your message and turn it into something fit for corporate, non-profit, and educational markets.

Website Development or Re-launch:

We can write or rewrite your copy, analyze your navigation, kick-start your WordPress blog, and make recommendations to optimize your site to serve your goals. We can oversee your designer or ours, or set it up so you can manage the content yourself.

Social Media:

We can set up your Facebook fan page, Twitter and Youtube accounts, and/or manage them with status reports in your writing style.


We have worked with media at all levels and types, and can place you on TV, radio, or in print. Since we have served on the editorial staff at national magazines, we know what it is like to receive pitches from publicists, and we are mindful of what is newsworthy. We may even be able to get you written into books as an expert source, as we personally know many multi-published authors.

Never had an interview? We can help you develop a platform, and then record an audio interview or teleseminar with you to make you sound like a professional, which you can then use on your website and in marketing.

Article Writing:

We can write articles or blog entries that best highlight you, even putting you in the spotlight as the author.


We contract with those who can provide targeted search engine optimization in this “techy” world so that you are attracting the web traffic you need.

Misc. Marketing, Ad Placement/Design, Copywriting:

We have produced ads for Scientific American, Christian Science Monitor, and other major news media in nearly every genre. We also have experience developing every type of marketing collateral material imaginable—from brochures, to postcards, to customized magazines. We can even help you create a new product to sell which will bring in revenue while branding you.