Culture Consulting

Leaders have something in common: They’re passionate about results.

We recently asked a group of new managers to describe in one word what they expect from those who report to them. Here are the words they shared:

  • Achievement
  • Implementation
  • Results/Outcomes
  • Profits/Bottom-line
  • Performance
  • Execution

Who doesn’t want results? It’s not surprising that new managers expressed passion for results.

But do you know what we heard when we asked a group of executive leaders that same question? Executive leaders value direct reports who excel in fostering–

  • Motivation
  • Communication
  • Coaching
  • Engagement

Savvy leaders know that sustainable results require an organization filled with aware, aligned, engaged individuals, not just a few strong individual contributors.

Does every member of your organization get it? Do your employees come to work with passion, focus, commitment, and engagement? Are your employees aware, aligned, and active around what it takes to make your organization best-in-class?

Do you need help…

  • GRAPH FOR CONSULTINGAssessing the current state of your employee engagement and culture?
  • Improving your culture while building engaged employees who get results?
  • Creating the desired story that every employee, customer, and supplier tells when experiencing your organization?
  • Taking your mission and values off a sheet of printed paper and imprinting them in the attitudes and actions of each employee?
  • Getting buy-in at every organizational level?
  • Measuring goals for improvement efforts?
  • Designing and delivering meaningful, sustainable engagement activities, including:
    • Training
    • Strategic and tactical communications
    • Coaching
    • Performance management
    • Change management
    • Meeting facilitation
    • Culture improvement
    • Customer and employee satisfaction…and LOYALTY?!

We can help.

We have a track record of producing results that more than pay for themselves through increased revenue, visibility, or a positive change that serves your organization moving ahead.

We would like to build a lasting relationship with you, and will earn it not only by the attention you receive, but by the accountability we have to your budget.

If you aren’t sure where to start, or want to kick the tires on us, we recommend starting with consultation time to flesh out ideas and direction. With this comes free introduction to those in our network who we feel can help you (designers, trainers, technicians), as well as written action points to keep you moving ahead. We can work with your staff, or utilize our consultants.

Our initial consult is free. After that, we are happy to work with you to bid on a project prior to initiating. Contact us today to discuss your project.