Below is a sampling of some of the clients/companies served by Spiritus Communications, Inc.

General Global/National/Regional Corporations:

  • AT&T Global
  • Wal-Mart
  • SAS
  • Thomson-Reuters
  • Snyders Lance
  • U.S. AutoForce (tire distribution)
  • Principle Business Enterprises (manufacturing)
  • Hager Group (France)
  • Entrepreneur’s Organization (Canada and U.S.)
  • Hines (Global Property Management)
  • Camber Corporation– Huntsville, AL
  • Research News & Opportunities in Science and Theology (funded by international philanthropic organization, John Templeton Foundation, edited by Harold Koenig, M.D., renowned international researcher and professor at Duke University) – Durham, NC
  • The Historical Society – Boston, MA
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes – Kansas City, MO
  • Teaching-Family Homes of Upper Michigan – MI
  • Project Management Institute (several states)
  • Society for Human Resource Management (several states and chapters)
  • Chicago Compensation Association
  • MidSouth Compensation Association
  • Globoforce
  • Skills USA
  • Kingsley Lewis Agency, Inc./Main Street Tours – Ashland, OR


  • Health Care Service Corporation (overseeing Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL, TX, NM, OK)Chicago, IL
  • Right at Home (global home care franchise)
  • Carolinas Healthcare
  • St. Thomas Healthcare (TN)
  • University of NE Medical Center
  • University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Spooner Hospital (WI)
  • Abington Hospital (PA)
  • Leading Age (multiple states)
  • Hospice & Palliative Care Center of Alamance County – NC
  • Healthcare Human Resources Association (multiple states)
  • Association of Home and Hospice Care (multiple states)
  • American  Healthcare Information Management Association (national)
  • Tennessee Healthcare Assocation
  • Professional Association of Healthcare Office Managers – PA
  • Healthcare Finance Management Association (multiple states)
  • Idaho Nurse’s Association


  • Social Security Administration (federal level)
  • National Association of Government Call Centers
  • State Department of Transportation – NC
  • City of Durham, NC
  • Department of Social Services – NC
  • City of Jacksonville


  • Chicago Booth School of Business
  • Webster University – NC
  • North Arkansas College – AR
  • University of Phoenix
  • Kent Law School
  • Many public school systems

Consulting/Speaking/Training Companies:

Book Publishers/Magazines:

  • Collins Foundation Press– CA
  • Physician’s E-Health Report – Cary, NC
  • Sports Spectrum Magazine – Charlotte, NC
  • Guadalupe Press– TX
  • Attitude Digest Magazine– IL
  • Sharing the Victory Magazine– MO
  • Secured publishing projects with Jon Wiley & Sons, Pfeiffer, McGraw Hill/Briefcase Books


  • Awaken the Film – Miami, FL

Interviews of Note Conducted for Print or Audio:

  • Tim Ryan, The Dope Man–Real Leaders magazine, Victorious Living magazine, Recovery Today magazine, and many many more
  • Dr. Maya Angelou– poet laureate
  • Tony Dungy– NFL Super-Bowl winning coach and player, author
  • Scott Adams– founder of Dilbert comic strip
  • Bill Rancic– first winner of NBC’s The Apprentice
  • Pete Thomas– a prize winner on CBS’s The Biggest Loser
  • Harold Koenig, M.D.– author, phsyician at Duke University, and internationally-renowned researcher on spirituality and health

Partial List of Books Edited or Contributed to:

  • Getting It Right When It Matters Most- by Tony Gambill and Scott Carbonara (in production, 2018)
  • The Modern Masquerade- (2018)
  • The High-Performing Leader- by Heidi Pozzo (in production, 2018)
  • The ABCs of the Customer Journey- by Hank Hoffmeier (2018)
  • From Dope to Hope- by Tim Ryan (2017)
  • The Instant Energy Method- by Alan Ting (2015)
  • The 24-Hour Woman– by Cheryl Liew (2014)
  • What Would a Wise Woman Do?- by Laura Atchison
  • Manager’s Guide to Employee Engagement– by Scott Carbonara (McGraw Hill 2012)
  • Manager’s Guide to Change Management– by Stephen Rock (McGraw Hill 2012)
  • Manager’s Guide to Online Marketing– by Jason Weaver (McGraw Hill 2013)
  • Go Positive: Lead to Engage by Sam Glenn, Doug McKinney, and Scott Carbonara (Pfeiffer 2012)
  • Kick in the Attitude– by Sam Glenn (Wiley 2010)
  • Stop Workplace Drama– by Marlene Chism (Wiley 2011)
  • Leaders: Start to Finish– by Anne Bruce (ASTD 2012)
  • Manager’s Guide to Motivating Employees, 2nd Ed by Anne Bruce (McGraw Hill 2012)
  • Who Put a Lizard in My Lasagna?– by Sam Glenn (2009)
  • Change: If I Can, You Can– by Travis Angry (Morgan James 2013)
  • What Would a Wise Woman Do?– by Laura Atchison (Morgan James 2012)
  • The Amazing Mirror by Sebastian Oros and Doug McKinney (2010)
  • The Three Career Questions– by Bruce Hazen (2013)
  • The Last Tipi– by Kris Landry (2013)
  • Firsthand Lessons Secondhand Dogs– by Scott Carbonara (2008)
  • Don’t Throw Underwear on the Table by Scott Carbonara (2008)
  • Fishsticks and Positive Jumps– by Sam Glenn (2009)
  • Fired Up Employees– by Aric Bostick (iUniverse 2012)
  • and many more