You may know your organization’s destination, but is that vision clear to others?

  • Does your leadership team know how to inspire employees to follow—and become leaders in their own right—even through change?
  • Do your customers get the same impression of your brand that you do—and will they stick with you when a competitor comes along?
  • What is your leadership legacy, and are you building it with intention?
  • Are you creating a culture that retains the best employees—and attracts new customers?

Are you building communication, engagement—and trust?

Our name, Spiritus, means to inspire or breathe into, because an engagement with us guides your organization to “the summit.” We have been called the OXYGEN bearers of projects, because we maximize the capacity of each member for the climb. We believe that people are core to your business. We recognize that for your team to be effective, each member must understand—and be excited about—your ascent plan.

Whether engaging in a cultural initiative, delivering leadership training or a keynote speech, or writing a book for your business, we highlight the best parts of your culture.

How do we inspire your organization to summit?

Our Corporate Values

Community– Relationships are of utmost importance to us, whether personal or professional. We seek to nurture and strengthen them through all we do—aiming for longevity.

Abundance– We operate from an abundance mentality which says that each client receives our best service, ideas, and dedication. We aim to over deliver every time.

Authenticity–We bring all of our strengths, skills, and knowledge to the table in every engagement.

Joy– We strive to tap into the power of positive thinking by choosing to focus on and spread the joy in life around us. We value physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Our Mission

At SCI, our mission is to create healthy, sustainable organizations and leaders who engage people from the inside out.

Contact us today to learn how we can infuse your initiative with oxygen, so you summit every time.