Below is a sampling of some of the clients/companies served by Spiritus Communications, Inc. and/or Scott J. Carbonara.

International and National/Regional Corporations/Non-Profits:

  • Health Care Service Corporation (overseeing Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL, TX, NM, OK)Chicago, IL
  • AT&T Global
  • Snyders Lance
  • Hines (Global Property Management)
  • Camber Corporation– Huntsville, AL
  • Shoutlet
  • Research News & Opportunities in Science and Theology (funded by international philanthropic organization, John Templeton Foundation, edited by Harold Koenig, M.D., renowned international researcher and professor at Duke University) – Durham, NC
  • The Historical Society – Boston, MA
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes – Kansas City, MO
  • Teaching-Family Homes of Upper Michigan – MI
  • Project Management Institute (several states)
  • Society for Human Resource Management (several states and chapters)
  • Professional Association of Healthcare Office Managers – PA
  • Chicago Compensation Association
  • MidSouth Compensation Association
  • Healthcare Human Resources Association (multiple chapters)
  • NM Home and Hospice Care
  • Hospice & Palliative Care Center of Alamance County – NC
  • Association of Home and Hospice Care (multiple states)
  • Department of Transportation – NC
  • Chicago Booth School of Business
  • Webster University – NC
  • North Arkansas College – AR
  • University of Phoenix
  • Kent Law School
  • Department of Social Services – NC
  • City of Jacksonville
  • Globoforce
  • Skills USA
  • Kingsley Lewis Agency, Inc./Main Street ToursAshland, OR
  • Many more

Consulting/Speaking/Training Companies:

Book Publishers/Magazines:

  • Collins Foundation Press– CA
  • Physician’s E-Health Report – Cary, NC
  • Sports Spectrum Magazine – Charlotte, NC
  • Guadalupe Press– TX
  • Attitude Digest Magazine– IL
  • Sharing the Victory Magazine– MO
  • Secured publishing projects with Jon Wiley & Sons, Pfeiffer, McGraw Hill/Briefcase Books


  • Awaken the Film – Miami, FL

Interviews of Note Conducted for Print or Audio:

  • Dr. Maya Angelou– poet laureate
  • Tony Dungy– NFL Super-Bowl winning coach and player, author
  • Scott Adams– founder of Dilbert comic strip
  • Bill Rancic– first winner of NBC’s The Apprentice
  • Pete Thomas– a prize winner on CBS’s The Biggest Loser
  • Harold Koenig, M.D.– author, phsyician at Duke University, and internationally-renowned researcher on spirituality and health

Partial List of Books Edited or Contributed to:

  • Manager’s Guide to Employee Engagement– by Scott Carbonara (McGraw Hill 2012)
  • Manager’s Guide to Change Management– by Stephen Rock (McGraw Hill 2012)
  • Manager’s Guide to Online Marketing– by Jason Weaver (McGraw Hill 2013)
  • Go Positive: Lead to Engage by Sam Glenn, Doug McKinney, and Scott Carbonara (Pfeiffer 2012)
  • Kick in the Attitude– by Sam Glenn (Wiley 2010)
  • Stop Workplace Drama– by Marlene Chism (Wiley 2011)
  • Leaders: Start to Finish– by Anne Bruce (ASTD 2012)
  • Manager’s Guide to Motivating Employees, 2nd Ed by Anne Bruce (McGraw Hill 2012)
  • Who Put a Lizard in My Lasagna?– by Sam Glenn (2009)
  • Change: If I Can, You Can– by Travis Angry (Morgan James 2013)
  • What Would a Wise Woman Do?– by Laura Atchison (Morgan James 2012)
  • The Amazing Mirror by Sebastian Oros and Doug McKinney (2010)
  • The Three Career Questions– by Bruce Hazen (2013)
  • The Last Tipi– by Kris Landry (2013)
  • Firsthand Lessons Secondhand Dogs– by Scott Carbonara (2008)
  • Don’t Throw Underwear on the Table by Scott Carbonara (2008)
  • Fishsticks and Positive Jumps– by Sam Glenn (2009)
  • Fired Up Employees– by Aric Bostick (iUniverse 2012)
  • and many more


“If you are looking for a top-notch writer, editor, marketing consultant, or just all around amazing talent, you need to hire and work with Jocelyn. She is a subject-matter expert who hits the mark consistently. I have worked with Jocelyn for more than 3 years now on a wide variety of high-level publishing assignments, books and projects, speaking engagements, teleseminars, and more—she makes everything I do look even better—every time! I highly recommend Jocelyn for your next important project.” -Anne Bruce, bestselling author and award-winning international speaker

“Jocelyn was a dream to work with. She helped move my book along when I really needed guidance to finish it. She’s an exceptional writer and editor and gets excited about the topics she’s involved with. I’d highly recommend her for any of your own publications.” -Jason Weaver, Founder and CEO of Spendship, Angel Investor, and Tech Advisor

“Man, did I hit the jackpot. Hiring Jocelyn as my editor for my first solo book couldn’t have been a better match. Her expertise as an editor was complemented with promotional knowledge, familiarity with the adjunct skills a new book author would need to advance the book into the market and her generous spirit of making introductions to other relevant services and authors that helped me. Start with her when you need help with your book, article, chapter or blog and you’ll wind up comparing all the others to Jocelyn.” -Bruce Hazen, Three Questions Consulting

“Jocelyn is amazing to work with. We’ve had her on board with us for many years and we cannot say enough about all the great work she has provided for us. She’s trustworthy and diligent in her work. We recommend her to anyone that wants and honest and sincere person with great experience on their team!” -Sam Glenn, President, Sam Glenn Presentations, award-winning speaker and author

“Jocelyn was fantastic to work with! She provided what every person seeks when collaborating with business partners. Jocelyn’s accessibilty, teamwork, and end product made my experience a tremendous one. I without hesitation recommend Jocelyn for future projects!” -Sebastian Oros, author of The Amazing Mirror (a book on social-emotional learning in schools)

“Although in the beginning hired Jocelyn as a writer and consultant, she has become more of a business partner. Jocelyn’s work ethic, knowledge, attention to detail and “get it done” attitude has made a tremendous difference in my business. She is highly skilled at collaborative efforts, great at follow up, and is available to add creative insights to any project. I highly recommend Jocelyn as a project manager, writer, and consultant.” -Marlene Chism, speaker, trainer, author of Stop Workplace Drama

“I recently had a golden opportunity to have lunch with Jocelyn Godfrey and Scott Carbonara, My ulterior motive was to pick their brains about expanding my fledgling coaching, speaking, and writing practice. Jocelyn was very gracious and shared many ideas that I am taking to heart. Our discussion was both enlightening and inspirational. I left the lunch and the discussions energized and ready to attack. More importantly, Jocelyn has followed up with additional guidance for me. I feel as if I have just made two new friends in Jocelyn and Scott and these friends are an inspiration to my near term plans. Thanks, guys.” -Ken Grant, Owner, Insight Solutions Consulting

“A passionate and innovative communicator with great vision, Scott has outstanding facilitation skills, is a collaborative leader, and knows how to get things done well. A pleasure to work with!” -Arden Brion, Managing Director of Business Development, Healthcare Practice, Root Learning

“Scott’s unique management style blends his business knowledge with his psychology background to created a family-like team environment that results in highly engaged, passionate employees who deliver unrivaled products and business solutions. Scott is also an expert at building teams that are able to deliver creative solutions to difficult problems on an enterprise-wide level. If you are looking for someone who can inspire your workforce into producing excellent results and/or someone with superior communications and people skills, Scott is your man.” – Travis Williams, Sr Communication Integration Specialist, HCSC

“Scott Carbonara is an extremely creative and talented individual that is very personable and a wonderful presenter. I personally worked with Scott on several projects where he excelled in communicating the strategy and vision to all levels in a very engaging format. He is very organized and meets his deadlines and the quality of his work is impeccable. He is a team player and highly skilled in the communications and change management areas. The level of Scott’s contributions made major impacts on our organization.” – Linda Amburn, VP HCSC

“If you are looking for someone who posses both passion and creativity, you need to get to know Scott Carbonara. Working within an enormous organization, with incredible complexity and inertia, Scott was able to create and lead a team that made amazing things happen. He is a creative who understands the importance of data and strategy, and a manager who understands the importance of authentic employee relationships.” – Tom Riley, VP e-solutions HCSC

“Scott is the rare visionary who also has a keen attention to the details needed to realize the vision. He brings a ton of creativity and innovation to every encounter. He also has a strong ability to connect and communicate with others in all kinds of settings (one-on-one, small groups, large audiences, and written communications).” Aaron Epting, Managing Director, Root Learning

“Scott is one of the most high-energy people I’ve come across in my career. His enthusiasm is infectious, but he also knows what he wants and communicates that in a way that makes you feel part of the team. I worked over the past few years with Scott on a handful of successful projects, mostly due to his ability to know what success looks like and then inspire all of us to get there.”- Craig Wortmann, President & CEO, WisdomTools, Inc.

“I was fortunate to work with Scott on various projects involving cultural changes and communication. During that time, Scott exemplified the qualities of great business leaders. He is innovative and inspirational. He was also caring and compassionate not just to the customers we serve, but also to employees by putting their needs above all else. I believe Scott to be a great asset on any team and corporation.”-Angelina Ruiz, Process Consultant

“Scott is a passionate, creative and hard working individual. He has such high energy and that always shines through in his work. As a presenter, very few can match his enthusiasm and his ability to engage an audience. Scott is an agent of change and is driven towards results. He would be an asset to any organization based on his skills and experience.” -Shelby Duke, Communications

“I had the privilege of working for Scott for over three years. He is a passionate and creative leader that challenges his direct reports to grow and develop at every turn. I learned a great deal from working for him and often reflect on the valuable lessons and experiences I had while under his direction. Scott is a master at identifying connections between the practical and the strategic and then designing solutions that bring the two together in a way that delivers excellent results. I strongly recommend Scott and believe that he would be an excellent asset to any organization.” Andy Gray, Sr. Training & Organizational Development Specialist