About SCI

spiritus [Latin]- life, inspiration, breath

At SCI, we help your brand take flight. We breathe life into your values and mission, and align your operations to achieve your vision. We ignite your culture and engage a community around your brand. To that end, we offer:

  • Management consulting, so that your stakeholders are aligned and achieving your goals. This may include highly innovative, internal culture branding for leader and employee engagement (keynoting, training, consulting).
  • Executive coaching, to ensure that you as a leader are equipped to engage your employees and customers.
  • Book publishing services for authors–including ghostwriting, editing, and coaching.
  • Branding services for engaging customers and community (marketing, PR, advertising, copywriting, editing). We will help you create and tell the story of your organization so that it is told and lived through your employees and customers.

Our two principle partners have a combined 40 years experience:

  • Leading large divisions for multi-billion dollar companies as well as one-man start-ups,
  • Launching thought leaders’ businesses and brands,
  • Coaching organizations through change and challenges,
  • Creating and executing effective marketing plans,
  • Authoring, contributing to, or ghostwriting books.

We network with an elite group of talent delivering you the most targeted branding solutions available under a single virtual “roof”—including designers, producers, writers, editors, trainers, speakers, web developers, video experts, and organizational consultants—many of whom have won awards for their work. Whether you make a Fortune 500 list or not, we treat your budget as if it were our own—turning our clients into friends.

Jocelyn Godfrey, President and Founder

SCI was started in 1998 by Jocelyn Godfrey, who oversees all projects. With a degree in mass communications and creative writing, Jocelyn started her career working in an ambitious small advertising agency serving large, national accounts. Within two years, at the age of 24 (and before most people had cell phones), she took an opportunity to start her own business, serving as advertising director for start-up magazines—conducting all sales and opening all new accounts. Over the past 16 years, her clientele has grown from magazine publishers to speakers, authors, consultants, corporate trainers, psychologists, doctors, scientists–as well as non-profit and for-profit organizations. Most come to her seeking direction, and along the way, discover more opportunities for revenue building and sharing their message—as well as introductions to other key leaders in their field. She has served as editor-in-chief, interviewing celebrities such as Dr. Maya Angelou and Coach Tony Dungy; book agent to publishers including McGraw Hill and Jon Wiley & Sons; editor; publicist; project manager; consultant/coach; and friend. She has managed start-ups, and served as CEO for clients needing operations overhauls. She has edited and ghostwritten books and employee engagement manuals, and written diverse marketing copy for nearly every communications channel in existence. Her passion lies in aligning leaders and organizations to their core values and vision, and helping them dig deep to tell their stories. She thrives on finding the perfect words to reflect a client’s vision, and optimizing plans to include a greater set of possibilities. In short, she makes storytelling simple. Her writing and leadership principles have been written into several books with major publishers. In her free time, Jocelyn values spending time with her family, engaging in the arts, travel, and enjoying nearly every outdoor sport known to mankind.

Scott Carbonara, CEO

Scott Carbonara joined SCI in 2011. With a masters degree in psychology and communications, Scott is a keynote speaker, author, and executive consultant who brings authentic leadership to life from the boardroom to the family room. Scott’s professional portfolio is diverse. He started his career in crisis counseling, where he worked with some of the most troubled families to find solutions–garnering him a Family Therapist of the Year award for the State of Michigan. From there, he moved on to corporate America, serving as executive director of strategic communications and change management at the nation’s largest non-investor-owned health insurance company, to eventually operating as chief-of-staff of internal operations. While there, he directed a staff through mergers, led the team that reduced a skyrocketing attrition rate from 38% to 6.5%, and created internal and external branding campaigns that are still in use many years later. Scott is a highly-skilled, passionate communicator and problem solver who provides management consulting and leadership direction to teams ranging in size from 1 to 13,000. He is also an international speaker on leadership topics, and the the author of four books–including two employee engagement books published in 2012 with major publishers. Scott brings vast corporate leadership experience to SCI, as well as an ability to pinpoint the behaviors that motivate people to act positively. His passion lies in helping organizations and individuals tap into their greatest asset: their people. In his free time, he enjoys photography, hiking, and family. For more on Scott’s speaking and training, click here.

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Our Corporate Values

Authentic Relationships– Relationships are of utmost importance to us, whether personal or professional. We seek to nurture and strengthen them through all we do—aiming for longevity.

High Accountability– We believe that we are accountable for our own actions, and we relish the opportunity and responsibility to choose actions that demonstrate respect, perseverance, and a mindset of sustainability.

Health– We value physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Joy– We strive to tap into the power of positive thinking by choosing to focus on and spread the joy in life around us. We think it’s important to be silly sometimes, and even a little imperfect.

Abundance– We operate from an abundance mentality which says that each client receives our best service, ideas, and dedication.

Creativity– We value differences—even a little quirkiness—and foster an environment of expressing those unique traits while maintaining utter professionalism.

Our Mission

At SCI, our mission is to create healthy, sustainable organizations and leaders who thrive in their communications–engaging their communities from the inside out through the power of telling and living their stories.