Creating Stories that Come Alive

grouphugWhether you are:

  • a corporate leader aligning your management and employees around a unified culture, 
  • an entrepreneur seeking to create or refine a focused brand, or
  • an author writing your legacy book,

…we can help you create and tell stories that come alive.

SCI engages your brand by helping you and your team members create and live your story. We believe that “facts get forgotten; stories get stuck.” At SCI, we help you uncover and refine the story that you want your stakeholders, employees, and customers to shout from rooftops.

But we don’t stop there; we believe a story that doesn’t inspire action is insufficient. We engage the optimal communications channels so that your story is not only heard from rooftops–but lived from the boardroom to the family room.

Whether aligning your organizational culture to its core values and goals through leadership training; or consulting you on the best communications, branding, and management strategy to navigate your desired changes; or ghostwriting or editing your book; we partner with you not only to create your story–but to inspire the results as you do so.

dottttsYou know “the dots” of your organization; we help you connect them to create a story that maximizes your results.

Are you:

  • Experiencing an organizational change?
  • Wanting to write a book to brand your life story, legacy, or business model?
  • Inspired to launch your company from good to great?
  • Desiring to take your start-up to the next level?

With our two principle partners’ 40+ years experience leading and consulting companiesranging from one-man start-ups to multi-billion-dollar corporationsand a network of consultants and talent around the globe, we offer the best communications and management services you can find on the planet—without the overhead.

Rather than hiring multiple staff members to handle your management consulting, communications, or publishing needs, we invite you to call on us for as much or little as you need. We will serve as your invisible source of guidance and inspirationto execute your vision through stories that stick.

Check out our services, and contact us for a free consultation.